History of SCHS (HKHS)

Housing Society Subsidized Home Ownership Scheme

The Hong Kong Housing Society ("HKHS") has also launched subsidized home purchase projects, including the House for Sale Scheme, the Sandwich Class Housing Scheme ("SCHS"), the "Sandwich Class Housing Loan Scheme" and first-time home buyers Loan Program (First Home).

In the late 1980s, the Hong Kong Housing Society launched the "House Sale Scheme" as an assisted living system, which was sold at preferential prices to tenants in its rental estates and those who were eligible to apply for government housing.  Units are sold directly by the Housing Society or through HOS centers. The application qualifications and resale restrictions are similar to those of HOS.  In 1997, a second market for this plan was established to provide more choices for eligible people and relax the resale period limit.

In the early 1990s, the government commissioned the Housing Society to carry out a sandwich-class housing project, which was sold to middle-income families at a preferential price. In addition to meeting the established application qualifications, buyers were also subject to a five-year resale restriction after purchasing the unit.  The first project, Tivoli Gardens, was completed in 1995.

In addition to the Housing Building Scheme, the Housing Society also, through the "Sandwich Class Housing Loan Scheme" from 1993 to 1997, assisted middle-income families wishing to own their own homes to purchase private housing.  Launched in 1998, the First Home Buyer Loan Scheme provides low-interest loans to eligible citizens to help them achieve their dream of home ownership.