Cosmetically Surgerized Property
Many property purchasers might not have given a reasonably thorough inspection and might have overlooked the defects in the properties. Ultimately, they might have discovered some hidden flaws after taking possession. In some cases, the property vendors might have misrepresented the condition of their properties by taking steps to hide the defects. We commonly call them cosmetically surgerized properties. Anyways, latent defects in a property could lead to loss of money and time for repairs or even a complete renovation. Hence, purchasers especially the first-time purchasers must pay close attention during inspections, especially to the older pre-owned properties.

Here is a property inspection checklist for your reference, which may help you detect certain problems in a property:
Do you see any leaks, water stains, bulges due to condensation or suspicious new paint on walls, especially for those near the kitchen and washrooms?
A professional wallpaper installer can help you inspect how the surface preparation was done before the wallpapers were hung. Holes or blemishes should have been repaired with spackle and sandpapered; otherwise the wallpapers will come loose very quickly.
Are there any signs of leaks, stains, moisture or rust around the air-conditioners and window frames?
Test the water pressure and drainage by turning on all the water taps in the kitchens and washrooms (including the shower) and leaving the taps running for a while. Also check the toilets and cisterns by flushing the toilets. Plumbing problems and clogged toilets are usually indicated by slow drain.
Are there any signs of water damage, such as water stains, moisture or bulges due to leaks, to the laminate flooring especially near the kitchens and washrooms?
Are all doorframes and windows in good condition? Do all doors and windows close properly?
Are there any cracks or dampness on the flooring of the balcony and rooftop? Besides, are there any unauthorized building structures?
Are there any unauthorized alterations to the structural components of the property?
If furniture and appliances are to be included in the sale, you should make sure the furniture is in good condition and the electrical appliances are working properly so as to avoid the troubles of disposing unwanted furniture and faulty appliances after taking possession.
Modified show flats would often leave you spatial illusion with different decorating tactics for more spacious interior impressions such as using large wall mirrors, built-in window seat, built-in window bed and ultra-thin sofa. You may know the exact interior measurements by viewing the unmodified show flats and studying the sales brochures.