History of HOS (HKHA)

History of Home Ownership Scheme (Hong Kong Housing Authority) 

Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) worked out a number of subsidized housing schemes in the past, including the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), the Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS), and the Home Assistance Loan Scheme (HALS) etc.     

In 1973, the government implemented a Ten-Year Housing Programme which targeted to provide more public housings. In 1978, HA launched the HOS to enable more families to acquire their own homes. The six courts under the first phrase of the HOS included: Yuet Lai Court, Shun Chi Court, Shan Tsui Court, Chun Man Court, Yue Fai Court and Sui Wo Court. In 1997, the TPS was launched to allow tenants to purchase the public rental housing (PRH) units in which they lived at an affordable price. The first phrase of the TPS was set off in 1998 and followed by other six phrases.

In 2003, the HALS was introduced to give financial assistance to the eligible applicants to purchase their own homes. This scheme helped the HA and the Hong Kong Housing Society retrieve some PRH units so as to relocate them to other eligible families. The HALS was terminated in 2004 after evaluation.