Sales Brochure
Pay Attenton to:
  Different phrases may be printed on different sales brochures.
  Some floors such as the 4th floor and the 14th floor are omitted in some buildings. In some buildings, the carpark floors and the shopping arcade floors are numbered together, so that the units labelled on seemingly high floors may be on lower levels.
Definition of Saleable Area
  In some years, the saleable area of most developments included a bay window, a balcony and a parking space (if any), which dramatically reduced the efficiency rate. Under the Ordinance from October 2008 onwards, the standardized definition of “saleable area” must be adopted in the sales brochures, in which saleable area means the floor area of the residential property including the floor area of (i) a balcony, (ii) a utility platform and (iii) a verandah as long as it forms part of the residential property. However, it excludes an air-conditioning plant room, a bay window, a cockloft, a flat roof, a garden, a parking space, a roof, a stairhood, a terrace or a yard even it forms part of the residential property.
  Seaview is always a good selling point. Many developers plug their new developments by magnifying the seaview in the sales brochure. It doesn’t necessarily mean the developments have unblocked seaview or permanent seaview. In some cases, the seaview could even be too far to see.
Ceiling Height
  Ceiling height stated in the sales brochures is commonly measured from floor to ceiling encompassing the thickness of the slabs of the floor and ceiling, not simply the distance between the finished floor covering and the underside of the ceiling.
Deed of Mutual Covenant
  Usually, the Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC) is partially listed in the sales brochures, which sets out some rights and obligations of all owners, such as whether dogs are allowed, slope maintenance responsibility and construction waste disposal charge etc.
Complimentary Household Appliances
  Flats of the same building which vary in sizes and layouts may come along with different complimentary household appliances.
Estimated Date of Completion
  With effect from August 2010, developers are required to indicate the estimated date of completion of all first-hand uncompleted private residential property developments. When there are changes to the estimated date of completion, developers are required to update the information within five working days.
Attached Sheets
  Many sales brochures are innovatively designed nowadays. Some of them are in loose-leaf style. Make sure you go through all details.
Bilingual Versions
  If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version of the terms and conditions stated in the sales brochures, the English version shall generally prevail.