Add second mortgage
Remove second mortgage
Monthly repayment
Down Payment:
Total Loan:
Total Interest:
Monthly Repayment:
Stamp Duty#
# The exact stamp duty to be determined by the government.
Stress Test
Assumed Interest Rate:
Monthly Payment:
Mininum Income :
Remark: First-time buyer does not need to pass the stress test when purchasing completed residential property with the price of 11.25 million or below. However, individual bank reserves the final decision on these kind of cases.
Miscellaneous Expenses
S&P Agreement:
Assignment *:
Mortgage Deed *: $7,375
Agency Commission:
* The exact charges to be determined by the solicitors.
Registration Fee & Taxes
S&P Reg: $210
Deed Fee: $230.00 - $450.00
Mort. Deed Fee: $210
Reg. Fee: $300
Land Register: $30
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