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Hon Kong retirees should rent rather than buy in Greater Bay Area


Damon Ho

11th March 2023

In the last three years, Hong Kong people were so eager to wait for the reopening border. Finally, the border was  reopened two month ago. Since then, Hong Kong people start to revisit to the Greater Bay Area in whatever purpose including sightseeing, shopping or hunting for a new home. Amongst of all, home searching is their favorite activity. Those new riverside buildings are very attractive to them. In addition, these home prices are so affordable, and their values are likely to be less than normal parking spaces in Hong Kong. These high values properties are simple to draw the attention from investors or self-users. These real estate prices are extraordinary low so the Hong Kong people are easy to lure to make a purchasing decision. For your safety, everyone should act cautiously before making a decision. 

After three years of lockdown, the buying power of ordinary citizens in China has dropped significantly. Therefore, purchasing power from Hong Kong and Macau has a major impact on sales results of real estate in the Greater Bay Area.

Hong Kong people have recently revisited to the Bay Area, and they have probably noticed the local property prices have dropped by more than 20% in average, and the prices of newly launched properties have also been adjusted down. These low prices’ properties have a strong attraction to home buyers.

Although the author has proposed the safety ways to purchase the properties in Bay Area, but considering the current investment prospects and rental returns, even if you have decided to stay in the Greater Bay Area for retirement, it is better to rent rather than to buy.

In the past, big developers were the first choices for the buyers of the China properties. However, a lot of big developers are in the verge of bankruptcy.

A few years ago, it had been safer to buy a first-handed topping off properties. However, these kinds of properties have no guarantee granted the occupancy permit.

When Hong Kong people visited to the Greater Bay Area, they discovered that the riverside new projects was inexpensive. On this condition, they easily make a reckless decision to buy a property. The writer knows an investor who bought a good branded first-hand property in Zhongshan a few years ago. Consequently, the valuation of this property has dropped by 40% in the past three years. This investor initially wanted to move in for retirement, but he now believes the location is too remote and inconvenient. Finally, he has no option but leaving the unit vacant. 

If all the precautionary measures are implemented, it may not yet be possible to avoid buying unsuitable properties that may fall through.  If this is the case, it is better to rent before you decide to purchase later. This can avoid the loss of valuable funds by buying the wrong property for retirees. As a senior citizens they may consider renting out their properties in Hong Kong. The rent they received can cover their daily expenses including the rent in the Greater Bay Area. This might be a good alternative for retirees.

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